Are you making a good first impression?

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Home Improvement

Whether you are selling your home or looking to buy we all know that we notice the details of the home that make it feel...Well like a home, but here are a few tips I suggest for anyone getting ready to sell their home to ensure the most impact and buyers are captured!!

1. Fresh Paint 

I always like to suggest the homeowner paint a neutral color for many reasons, when you are selling your home you want to appeal to as many buyers as possible so though your electric blue wall might make your funky fresh art pop it might distract from all the other beautiful features of your home. The second reason I like to suggest fresh paint is that often times we can no longer smell the odors that have been trapped in our walls from all the daily living that has occurred, paint gives your house a fresh slate and eliminates any pesty odors. Paint Options

Neutral Color Paints

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2. Change the hardware on cabinetry 

It's all in the details, this small change can make one of the biggest impacts taking an outdated or cookie cutter kitchen and putting the jewelry on, I mean who doesn't love a polished look. Don't be afraid of mixing metals, your kitchen is the heart of the home, even if the rest of your home is stainless steel, nothing wrong with throwing in beautiful gold, rose gold or leather handles, I think my best advice is to be thoughtful in what you pick but don't be overly concerned with staying with the standard stainless steel pull handle you see in everyone's kitchen. Step 3 is another update to consider if you find your kitchen living in the past. 

Kitcehn Mix Metals


3. Paint your cabinets

Now I know what you are thinking, is this worth the money and time and is this something you think I can tackle on my own? The short answer to all of those is ABSOLUTELY!! The last thing you want buyers to do when they walk into your home is start writing a list of negatives or work that they would have to do because chances are the cost of your time and money to paint your cabinetry is going to give you a much higher return in your homes sale and more than likely get you more offers on the table because who doesn't want a house ready to move into with minimal updates needed to be made. Kitchen Paint

Kitchen Paint



4. Remove personal photos

Yes you have a beautiful family and you should treasure that but you are selling your home so pack them up nicely and plan on where you are putting them in your new home, but as for your buyer you want them to walk in and see themselves living there without them feeling like they are intruding on someone else's life, we all know its hard to get comfortable in a strangers home and in most cases the buyer will not know you and just feel like they are walking through a strangers home instead of planning where they would put their couch.

Personal Photos