The Brookins Team
Coldwell Banker Realty

Brittani Brookins

Sales Associate


Meet Brittani.


Brittani began her professional career in interior design, graduating from Miami International Art and Design in 2014(?). Straight out of college, she was hired by Blue Design, one of South Florida’s top design firms. She worked on projects that involved some of South Beach’s most iconic buildings, including the Continuum and Murano Grand at Portofino.


Brittani entered the real estate industry with a love of South Florida living and a passion for making people's home dreams a reality. She obtained her Real Estate License in 2016, partnering with her mother Raquel to form The Brookins Team.


Brittani uses her background in interior design to help homes reach their fullest aesthetic potential. Whether offering suggestions to make a home more marketable or providing realistic design ideas to potential home buyers, Brittani’s talent is in her ability to see possibilities and provide creative solutions. She’s made a name for herself for turning buildings into jewels that end up as her clients’ forever homes.


Brittani loves to travel, has artistic spirit, is an ace at rock climbing, and spends as much time in nature as possible. She enjoys paddle boarding, camping, and kayaking. Brittani is an active member of the Miami Young Professionals Network and an advocate for women’s breast cancer awareness.